Politics Over Policy

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Although, historically, politics, has been marginally, partisan, in nature, we have never, lately, observed, such a degree of unwillingness, to even consider, bipartisan cooperation, even when it’s the need of the American public. This behavior, which could be referred to, as, politics, more than coverage / individuals, is bad leadership, because itfavors, one’s political supporters, over the remainder of the general public. Wouldn’t we better served, if, after elected, politicians changed into statesmen, and focused on the common good, rather than private political agenda, and/ or self – interest? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, this is, both, poor policy and a lack of genuine leadership.

1. Not relevant: Empty rhetoric and promises, might garner votes, and be popular, but it is not genuine leadership, nor in the best interests of the public! America, particularly with the many challenges, the world and country, faces, now, needs relevant solutions, as opposed to polarization, or pitting one section against another! Whether this is because of the exceptional character, and nature, of President Donald Trump, or an undesirable tendency, it does not achieve, what is best, for most Americans!

2. Unsustainable: President Trump, in an attempt to be popular, and honor his campaign promise, to change the taxation system, and reduced taxes, endorsed the legislation, passed towards the end of 2017, which was portrayed, as focused on the middle – class, while actually, favoring the wealthiest individuals and corporations. Claiming this would create economic growth, is based, on the often – unproven, claim, of Trickle – Down Economics. In the, less than half – year, since enacted, we have observed a enormous expansion of the national deficit, with forecasts, for ever – expanding shortages, in the future, and corporations, which Trump and his assistants, asserted, would use the additional revenues, to hire more people, and pay more, have really, used most of the windfall, to grow their corporate earnings!

3. Change should be, for the better, not just, for change – benefit: When political rhetoric becomes empty promises, the change is, rarely, beneficial, to the general good, of most Americans. Measure the results, not, by the amount of rhetoric and promises, but, instead, whether it creates added benefits, for many Americans!

4. Common good, not private agenda: Be certain, the plans and policies, aren’t based on personal or political agendas, or somebody’s self – interests! Unless/ until, the attention, always, focuses on service to the public, for the common good, rather to a politician’s supporters, and/ or donors, elected officials are not representing us!

5. : When Donald Trump was a candidate, his campaign slogan was, Make America Great Again. While, this meant different things to different folks, I resented the word, again, since it implied, we weren’t already, an excellent state, and urged usto return, to the past, instead of, into the future. We should, rather hunt, to improve how government serves its people, rather than elected officials, and/ or special attention!

Unfortunately, as we are currently seeing and observing, politics and self – interest, appear to be prioritized!

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